Black Fangirls Unite

Dora the Explorer and Nihao Kailan are really under appreciated. How many of us grew up with Dora? She was a dark skinned Mexican girl teaching us to count in Spanish and going on adventures. She still remains very popular today and has never been whitewashed in the media(can’t speak for fandom..if there is such a thing as a Dora the explorer fandom). Then Kailan came to teach kids Mandarin  I’ve watched it and it’s really cute. You learn a lot about Chinese culture and it’s actually different from Dora in the fact that it also teaches kids social lessons and is less fantastical then Dora.

Looking for a Swahili girl in a few years! @w@

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  1. chasing-papercranes said: And, because you mentioned Swahili, I just thought it would be the dopest thing ever to have a kawaii little Arab girl teaching you Arabic *has a crush on the language / a lot of Arabic words are infused in Swahili* X3
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