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Ain't I a fangirl too?

My first submission as a mod! (badmod)

Anyway, I just came across this as I was re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Here, Edward (a white male - Amestrian) has the audacity to compare the attempted genocide of the (brown) Ishvalan people to their attempts to destroy Amestrian land and his love interest’s parents death committed by ONE Ishvalan (whose land was under siege at the time.) 

This is problematic for a few reasons. First off, this here is the EXACT SAME THING many white people do in response to people of color talking about the atrocities suffered at the hands of white people: make it about them and their feelings and/or try to draw a painfully inaccurate comparison. Secondly, Edward’s statement of “I think people should try to ignore their race, and just treat each other as equals.” Yeah, okay. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW SHIT WORKS. Also, colorblind ideology isn’t as effective or noble as it sounds. (See here.)

And the worst thing - unfortunately, as I expected - is that no one calls him out on it. Ever.

- Dechan

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    LOL this is true. I never even realized this until you pointed it out. Wow
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    omfg GOOD that show had a LOT of racism and I’m glad someone talked about it
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    That’s a great article up there I highly suggest reading it
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