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Frozen is Disney’s new movie coming out in 2013. It’s about a girl who’s heart is slowly turning into ice as she tries to save herself with a scruff manly man do who isn’t what he seems or something. Whatever, more’s here. I’m totally not here for that. Another bland movie about a bland girl set in snow. OHHooHHoOhoHOh! 

The concept art for the characters here


Yeah…not really impressed. It’s been noted before that they look like Rapunzel and Flynn. And they do. The overall everything just…falls short. We haven’t had another POC Disney princess since Tianna and she was the only one we had in the 2000s(I’m not counting Princess Sophie because she was a total after thought and clearly was meant to be white and not latin@. It’s good and all and I’m happy that they decided to do that but I’m talking about characters who were supposed to be POC since their concept art) Many people have argued that Frozen can’t have POC, like Tangled, because it’s set in Europe and everyone knows that no one in Europe is POC!


This is Othello, a Shakespeare play who’s hero was a Moor aka African aka black aka POC.

A Shakespeare play. Motherfucking Shakespeare knew that there were black people and other POC in Europe way back when and no, he wasn’t a slave. He was Commander of an army(side note, I read this last year in school. Very awesome, i recommend it with passion). So yes, there were POC in Olden Europe(i mean there was a Country called Spain which is all POC.) So an all white Tangled and Frozen don’t make sense because we were there. Living. Doing stuff. And not being slaves. 

But still, why are all the fairytales set in Europe? Disney has a unique opportunity to tell stories from all over the world, stories that many American kids wouldn’t know about. There is a bunch of countries in Africa, do you know how much history there is? There is so much fantasy to be unlocked form all over the world, so much potential they are taping. There are more Asian countries then China. Japan, India, Korea, there is so much to see and learn! But no, we repeatedly are given European versions of stories over and over again.(There is a Chinese version of Cinderella and many more from different places) The folklore form different countries are literally limitless.

So if Disney refuses to have POC involved in the European stories and refuse to take tales from places other than Europe, what are we to do? We can racebend and remix all we like, but when it comes down to it, the mass amount of POC children that need to see representation of themselves they don’t get it. It’s a shame because it’s almost 2013 and we are still demanding for at least mix race movies because even if they take place were ever, it’s FANTASY right? You can’t just through in some black or brown characters because whatever MAGIC? (ATLA is the only major kids show with diverse colors and an all POC cast because only most white Disney movies, each region was carefully used and based on a different Asian country and sticks to following the cultural ties of each people. Disney doesn’t take that kind of care in their movies with history. Tangled was supposedly in Germany but they had Asi@n traditions of paper lanterns. ATLA and LOK were truly based on Asia and not just loosely connected to it.)

So I am excited in a way for Frozen, we have almost a year till it comes out and most of the art is still conceptual. Maybe they will surprise us. Maybe they will really come through for us. But as of now, Frozen falls flat and it’s sad because it doesn’t have to. 

Disney, please, don’t let us down.


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