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—Black Fangirls Unite—

Ain't I a fangirl too?

As much as I love characters like Michonne, Bumblebee, and Susie, they are more of the same. We don’t see the diversity of black females. Sometimes we are shy and gentle and need to be cared after(One of the reason why I love Rue, she is something different for a black female character that we haven’t really seen) and sometimes we are reckless and thoughtless. The above examples(Can’t really speak for Michonne because I only know her through other’s eyes) are headstrong, determined  kind hearted, sassy, and independent. Those qualities are awesome, really great but they aren’t the ONLY qualities that black females have.

We can be silly and childish. We can be cool and aloof. We can be mean and snide. We can be anything because we ARE anything. White characters get to be so  diverse and varied, these is always someone for them. I think it’s not only important to get more black woman characters but to show them with different personalities and not the same carbon bases of strength and sass. 


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    Besides being in entertainment of TV and video games, could this be also said of normal representation of black women in...
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    Thank you for this. Every women on earth can be all of these things. Sadly in America POC can be only one thing and...
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