Black Fangirls Unite
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the amount of comics i still have to read stresses me out

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"Ebola is not the first transnational deadly health epidemic that has plagued the globe in my lifetime and let alone in this century. What has however colored the Ebola dynamic is the way in which we discuss the issue which we must be careful not to overwhelm with traditional racist and anti-Africa sentiments. It is time the world stops stringently holding on to an image of Africa as land of the unhealthy, starving poor. Africans are an ingenious, resilient, and innovative people who are dedicated and making strides every day to improve upon their own situations as well as international ones. What Africa suffers from is ironically not unlike the disease many members of the American Congress have succumbed to… (often) deliberate and intentional paralysis to act. Some call it lack of political will. I’m sure lobbyists and international banks probably have another fancy term for it."
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